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Car Accident Claims and Repair (3rd Party Claim)

Customer Paint Points

Unsure of proper procedures

Vehicle owners are unaware of the proper proceedings to accident claims

Difficulty finding a reliable workshop

Vehicle owners worry if workshops provide honest repair works or just minor “touch ups”

Not Aware of the sources of parts for your repair

Where do my parts come from? Are they genuine or OEM? Car owners require more transparency on parts used

Our Solution for all Vehicle Owners

Connecting you to trustworthy workshop for your accident claims

Offering you 24/7 support

We understand that not every car owner is aware of the proper procedures required for car accident claims. Hence we are here to help. Our team is contactable at +65 8263 5051

Reliable Partner Workshops

We know the tricks and trade of the industry. Hence, we only partner the most reliable and transparent workshops in Singapore. They will ensure that your vehicles are repaired back to original. No cheap frills

Genuine Parts for Repair

Autoparts is in our line of business. Naturally, be assured that only genuine parts are used in all repairs. Our partner workshops are determined to provide you with constant update on your repair works with photos!

insurance claim

Checkout claim and procedure files and forms.

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