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Choosing the right Brake Pads for your vehicle

Introduction on Brake Pads

Brake pads is an essential yet vital component in our vehicle. Disc brakes relies on the brake caliper, and is part of the brake system to help the vehicle come to a complete stop. Over a long period of time, these brake pads will wear off due to wear and tear.

There are various types of brake pads available in the market. And they are made up of various compounds. The main few are: Ceramic, Semi Metallic, low metallic NAO and NAO (Non – Abestos Organic) brake pads.


These brake pads are suited for different road conditions and user type, hence choosing the correct brake pad according to your preference and driving preference is essential for a safe and comfortable ride.

What are the various brake pads available?

At Drivewise Autoparts, we carry an array of brake products for vehicle. In general, there are 3 types of brake pads available.

2) Semi Metallic Brake Pads


Semi metallic brake pads are usually made up of around 30-65 percent metal, hence they are known for its extreme durability. However, some of the brake pads that are in this form can produce a little more noise as compared to the Ceramic Brake Pads which we will be discussing later. Although they may be noiser than Ceramic Brakes, these brake pads are generally more affordable than ceramic brake pads.


In general, this form of brake pad is mainly used in performance vehicle and racing tracks.

3)Ceramic Brake Pads


Last but not least, we have the ceramic brake pads. These form of brake pads is considered the most expensive form, but produces the most minimal dust and noise. These form of pads usually outperforms all other pads in the market.


Which brake pad is the most ideal for you?

Well… this answer is subjective. It ultimately depends on what type of braking experience you are looking for and what sort of driving conditions you are dealing with.

What are the brake pads available for you?



– Organic Brake Pad

– Ideal for those who are comfortable with their current driving and braking experience

– Most expensive in the line of products

-Low Life Span, High Brake Dust


Price Point: $75- $150 ++



-Semi-Metallic Brake Pad (With minimal steel compound)

-Low Noise

-Extremely durable

-Works as well as Ceramic Brake Pad


Price Point: $55- $120++



– Semi Metallic Non-Abestos Organic Brake Pad

– Low- Moderate Brake Dust

-Last as long as Genuine Brake Pads


Price Point: $35- $75++


Changing your Brake Pads in timely manner is vital for a safe and comfortable ride. As such , we should never skimp and safe on changing our brake pads. However, do remember that next time when choosing your brake pad, choose the correct one depending on your driving preference!


Look forward to our inaugural webinar where we will share more tips on vehicle repair and maintainence.

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