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Types of Wiper Blades Available

Conventional vs Flat Wiper Blades

As a frequent driver, visibility on the roads is an extremely crucial factor for safe driving. Heavy rain, dirt or grime are potential hazards that may affect your driving one way or another. Hence, there is a high reliance on the windshield wipers to ensure a clear vision on the roads. Most drivers will be aware that windshield wipers should be replaced every 6months- 1year. However, there are various wiper blades available on the market. Do you know the difference between them and which will be suitable for you?

Difference Between Conventional and Flat Wiper Blades

Conventional Wiper Blades
Conventional wiper blades are the most traditional and common wiper blades that come originally fitted in most vehicles in the 2000s. Conventional wiper blades has metal frames on its body, and has only 4-8 pressure points applied on the vehicle windscreen itself.
Flat Wiper Blades
Flat wiper blades, also known as the modern wiper blades have a totally different overall outlook. Modern wiper blades has inifinite pressure points resulting in a quiet wiping. At the same time, its performance is also pretty commendable due to the high pressure points. 

Which type of wiper blade is suitable for me?

After gaining a better insight on the two types of wiper blades, naturally most of us will choose to take the flat wiper blades. However, in terms of price, suitability and compatibility, there are various factors that you can further analyse before making a decision. So… which wiper blades is exactly suitable for you?

Conventional Wiper Blades
Are you a cost savvy car owner? Do you drive less than a few days or hours a week? If you are , then the conventional wiper blades should be a suitable option for you. Conventional wiper blades are the most affordable option that works well for the Singapore driving condition.


At Drivewise Autoparts, we recommend CAPVIEW Standard Wiper Blades for your daily affordable usage. These wiper blades are manufactured in Korea, and has UV coating on the rubber itself which prevents premature wear and tear of the rubber components. Priced reasonably, its only required to be changed every 6-9months (recommended).

Flat Performance Wiper Blades
Do you clock heavy mileage on your vehicle? Are you a Private-Hire driver? DO YOU VISIT Malaysia on a frequential basis? If your answer to any of the question above is a big YES, then its highly recommended to choose a reliable flat wiper blade. 


As mentioned earlier, flat wiper blades has higher touch points, aerodynamic in nature, which supports its performance of being efficient yet quiet on high speeds. Hence, for those who hits the highway daily, this will definitely help you with a clear vision ahead.

At Drivewise Autoparts, we carry the high performance Onnuri flat wiper blades which are made in Korea. These wiper blades are the similar outlook as the Bosch ones that many may be familiar with. (But MOST clients feedback that they work even better than BOSCH!!!)

Onnuri Flat Wiper Blades are premium performing wiper blades, therefore they cost a little higher compared to the conventional ones. Their lifespan is about 8months- 1 year (subject to driving conditions)


Replacing your wiper blades in a timely interval is extremely vital to keep you safe on the roads. Blurry vision, dirty windscreen and faulty wiper blades will all put you and your passengers at the risk of accidents.

Hence, it is always recommended to replace them every 6months- 1 year. Choose a wiper blade that is ideal for your driving condition and have them installed by your own!

At Drivewise Autoparts, we curate several tutorial videos to equip car owners with the knowledge to DIY and take ownership for parts that are effortless in installing. However, if you are the less hands-on car owner, you can always head on to your preferred workshop, or ask us for our partner workshop contacts for installation!

Onnuri and Cap View Wiper Blades are available for all Japanese and Korean vehicles. Contact us today!

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