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When should I change my filters in my vehicle?

About Automotive Filters

Do you know the various components in your vehicle? Are you aware of the various filters in your vehicle and its purpose? Have you been replacing them frequently at the stipulated time frames? 

Find out more about automotive filters in the short article below!

Engine Oil Filter

Engine Oil Filter are used to filter out contaminants in your vehicle engine oil preventing dirt from entering the engine compartment. With prolonged usage of the engine oil filter, dirt and contaminants will be trapped in the filter itself and hence reduce the productivity of the filter.

Therefore, Engine Oil Filters should be replaced every servicing, and it should be replaced together with the engine oil change during the service itself.

Most automotive oil filters cost around $6-$28 depending on the type of vehicle and the choice of brand. At the same time, most workshops should charge a fee of $55-$75 for a oil change using the most common types of synthetic oil in the market. (If you require a referral workshop, do contact us for more info!)

Engine Air Filters

Many vehicle owners neglect replacing the engine air filter as it is located in a relatively enclosed compartment in the vehicle front engine bay. It is important to note that neglecting to replace your vehicle engine air filter may have negative effect on the vehicle performance.

The clogged up engine air filters will restrict air flow going through the vehicle system, jeopardizing the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended to replace them every 15,000km – 20,000km. For some vehicle owners who hit the roads frequently, they should aim to have it replaced every 10,000km.

The cost of replacing engine air filters also varies according to models. The average cost for Japanese and Korean vehicles should waive around the price of $15- $35. Most workshops will charge a labour of $5- 15 for the replacement. However, if you are hands-on enough, you can always try DIY-ing it yourself for free!!!

Air Cabin Filters

Well… I think this filter is not unfamiliar with anyone out there. But if you are still unaware… Yes!!! There is a filter located within the air conditioning compartment that filters out dust, pollutants and dirt from your air-conditioning system.

Similarly, a clogged up aircon filter will affect the vehicle ability to filter out dirt, debris and pollutant from your air that you breathe in. This is extremely so important for vehicle owners who have passengers who have dust allergies, as well as both the elderly and the young.

Aircon Filters should be replaced every 1 year or it can be visually inspected for any debris or dirt clinging on to it. 

There are several OEM and Genuine cabin filters for you to choose from. However, it will depend on the quality and the product that you are looking for. 

Installing these filters can be easy for some models (where they are located in the glovebox itself) while some models may be stuffed right in a deep location within the compartment itself.

The cost for an average air cabin filter will be about $15-$35 , which is pretty reasonable to keep the vehicle cabin refreshed. Most workshops charge a labour fee of $15-$25 for the change. 

Fuel Filters

Fuel Filter is similar to any of your other vehicle components, which requires regularly servicing and replacement. The fuel filter is important to sieve out dirt and contaminants that are present in your fuel and gasoline that is present. 

Once the fuel filter gets clogged up with more contaminants, it will be more difficult for it maintain its functions. Common symptoms of a failing fuel filter will include : difficulty in acceleration, insufficient fuel delivery, hesitant gas pedals and many more. As a general rule of thumb, fuel filters should be replaced every 50,000km to maintain the effectiveness of the filter.

The downside of fuel filter replacement is that it will be deem as an impossible job for individual vehicle owners to replace. The fuel filter is located usually beneath the back-seat of the vehicle, within the fuel pump itself. Hence, the replacement will definitely require some professional help.

The cost of a fuel filter ranges around $40-$85 depending on make and model and usually workshops will take a labour fee of $60-$100 for the workmanship. 


Regular filter replacement is necessary for all vehicle makes and models. It is necessary to replace them timely accordingly to the user manual. Remember, little things matters. Do not neglect all the minor items in your vehicle that require replacement and take time to replace them now if you have not done so! We will see you in the next article soon!

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