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Can changing your transmission fluid cause damage?

About Transmission Fluid
Transmission fluid is an important component for lubricating the parts of your transmission and reducing the wear and tear caused by the friction and heat. Changing your transmission fluid regularly (together with the transmission filter) is highly recommended at frequent time intervals. If you have not been changing it frequently , you may experience transmission issues, ultimately resulting in heavy repairs of the gearbox itself. To find out more, read this article !
When should I change my transmission fluid?
Every vehicle is different in nature, and will have different requirements for how the transmission fluid should be changed. The vehicle user manuals will often indicate how frequent you should change. However, as a general rule of thumb transmission fluid is recommended to be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. 


If your vehicle is under heavy usage, 15,000 miles should be the time frame for a change. For some models, the transmission fluid can also be checked with a dipstick, to indicate the color of the fluid. If there is any signs of the color being light brown, its highly recommended to have it replaced immediately.

Which type of transmission fluid is for my vehicle?
Now, you have finally understood the importance of renewing your transmission fluid. The next thing that is popping up in our minds is to find out which transmission fluid your vehicle is using.


Its extremely important that you use the correct transmission fluid suitable for your vehicle. Pouring the wrong fluid in your vehicle will result in a faulty transmission resulting in hefty repairs.

As such, it is always recommended to replace them according to your vehicle manual.

Having said that, below are some useful information on the various types of transmission fluid available in the market.

1) CVT Fluids (Eg. Nissan CVT )
CVT fluids are for vehicles equipped with CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission Gearbox) . Such vehicles have to be replaced with the correct CVT fluid according to its specifications.


To name a few vehicles running on the CVT gearbox will be: Nissan Sylphy, Qashqai, Hyundai Accent and many more models. 

(Always refer back to your user manual for the exact specifications)


2) ATF Fluid (Auto Transmission Fluids)
Similarly, for ATF fluids they are used for vehicles running on an automatic transmission gearbox.


Within the ATF fluid range, many may be familiar with the various types of fluids ranging from SP-III to SP-IV to SP-IV RR (Latest).

To get the correct type for your vehicle, you should always check on the gear ratio in your particular vehicle gearbox. For instance, SP-III are used mainly on a 4 speed gearbox, while SP-IV is on  6speed gearbox so on and forth.

Always check with the vehicle manual for the exact requirements for your vehicle.


3) DCTF & MTF (Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid / Manual Transmission)
Last but not least, the other most common fluid are for the dual clutch and manual clutch transmission gearbox.


These gearbox usually comes in 7 speed and should be replaced using the DCTF fluids.

Some common models running on the DCT gearbox will include the Hyundai I30PD, Kia Carens and many others.

Should I also replace my transmission filter as well?

Well, the answer is obvious. If you are changing your transmission fluid, it is highly recommended to change the transmission filter as well. The filter acts as a protective mechanism to prevent dirt and uneccesary sediments from entering the gearbox.
Having said that, not all workshops and garages will be willing to take up the job. For older vehicle models, most workshops will be pretty confident to change them as its attached on the exterior of the gearbox. But for newer vehicle models, it may be located in the gearbox itself. As such, its highly recommended to visit a professional workshop with the right knowledge and tool for these repairs.
Changing your gearbox transmission oil and filter should be done on a frequential basis. If you do not change your transmission fluid frequently , the dirty fluid will cause premature wear of the clutches on your transmission.


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Most workshops will charge a labour fee of $80- $120 for the labour works. Therefore, we should never scrimp and save on these amount as a gearbox repair will cause thousands of dollars!!!

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