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Vehicle Engine Mounting: Symptoms of a failing mounts

About Engine Mountings

The vehicle front compartment produces a lot of noise as well as vibration as they are running. Thankfully, due to the advances in technology, vehicle manufacturers have managed to minimize the noises from the front bonnet with better insulating materials to protect it. Similarly, the engine mounting that is equipped in your vehicle is aimed to prevent unnecessary noises and to absorb as much vibration as possible that is coming from the engine. 

Without the engine mounting, the entire vehicle body will be vibrating heavily which will cause extreme discomfort to both the passengers and driver of the vehicle.

Today, we will be sharing with you on the tell-tale signs of a failing engine mounting!

How does the engine mounting work?

Generally, the car engine is heavy. On average, a sedan vehicle such as the Hyundai Elantra AD or Kia Cerato K3 engine weighs anywhere between 100-150kg. This is similarly the case for many other sedan model in the market. All of this weight, is supressed and distributed among the various engine mounting equipped in your vehicle. The average vehicle comprise of 3-4 engine mounting on all ends of the vehicle

When the engine is switched-off, the mounting is just rested on its weight itself. However, when the engine is revving or in motion, the engine mountings are securing and holding the overall engine component in place. Through this whole process, it is putting severe weight and pressure on the mounting, which can cause wear and tear.

Symptoms of a failing Engine Mounting

1) Excess Vibration felt on the vehicle

With regards to a worn out engine mounting, the most prominent symptom felt will be vibrations. Vibrations can be felt in the front compartments of the vehicle if the engine mountings are wearing out. In addition, some vibrations can even be felt when you are shifting your gears to the desired gear preferred.

2) Impact Noises

The second most common symptom of a failing engine mounting are noises that could be heard from the front of the engine compartment. This will definitely be unwanted by drivers who prefer a smooth and quiet ride. In addition, 8 out of 10 of our clients has suggested that noises are usually common when shifting gears from “D” to “R” or the other way round

3) Misalignment of the engine

In the worst case scenario (for vehicles having an undetected faulty engine mounting or accidents) will have this problem. A misalignment of the engine is usually prominent when you do a physical inspection of it. You can do so when you open up your bonnet. If the engine mountings are faulty the engine will tilt to one end

The aftermath of a faulty engine mounting

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the engine mountings is to ground the engine securely to the vehicle. If the engine mountings become loose or faulty, it will cause free movement of the engine. This may cause damage internally to the engine block or other components of the vehicle. This includes, the belts, fan , radiator or even tensioners.

The aftermath will be drastic, and it will cause even more for the repair

Life-Span and Cost of Replacement

The lifespan of the average engine mounting is approximately 4-5 years.  However, if you are frequently hitting the roads or visiting Malaysia on a frequential basis, it may wear off even earlier!

The cost for an average engine mounting cost around $260- $380 (Korean and Japanese vehicle).

Most vehicle workshops will charge an average of $120-$200 for installation of the mountings

The vehicles that are due for change includes those manufactured in year 2011- 2014 such as the Hyundai Elantra MD, Elantra AD, Kia K3, Nissan Sylphy B17, Nissan Qashqai J11 and many more!


It is extremely important to ensure that your vehicle engine mounting is performing well. A faulty engine mounting is detrimental, and it should be replaced before the stipulated time frame. As the engine mounting is made up of mainly rubber components, it will definitely wear out at some point of time. At Drivewise autoparts, we advocate that preventive mantainence is required for all vehicles. As such, do change your engine mounting once they are due!

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