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Performance Brake Disc and Pads for a better braking experience

KGC Performance RS Tuning Brake Disc + Hankook Frixa S1 Performance Brake Pads

Today, we are on the topic of enhancing your braking experience. Many of our customers should be aware by now that you can enhance your braking experience by upgrading to the Hankook Frixa Brake Pads which we carry exclusively in our stores. 

But wait! Did you know that you could potentially increasing your braking capabilities by upgrading to better performing Brake Disc Rotors? Well, if you would like to find out how, then read on to find out how we helped one of our customers improve their braking through our KGC Performance RS Tuning Brake Disc.

About Hankook Frixa Brake Pads

As many our clients know, we are the Singapore’s only official distributor for the Hankook Frixa Brake System. At Drivewise Autoparts, we carry a wide variety of brake pads for Hyundai,Kia, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and many more! 

Frixa Brake Pads are known to improve your braking experience with better durability, reduced noise and dust.

To find out more about Hankook Frixa Brake Pads, check out our live webinar in the link below:

KGC RS Tuning Brake Disc Rotor

Adding in to our new line of product range, we are proud to present you the KGC RS Tuning Brake Disc Rotor! KGC Brake Disc are manufactured by Korea’s leading brake disc manufacturer, and has been the top choice for Korean car owners!

Wondering how FRIXA Brake Pads and KGC RS Tuning Disc will look like on your vehicle? Read on to find out how it was installed on a Kia Carens.

Installation of Products on a Kia Carens 2017

Earlier this week, we receive an upgrade request by our clients on her Kia Carens. We thought it will be cool to show you a few shots of how it was being replaced!

KGC RS Tuning Disc Rotors

Firstly, KGC RS Tuning Disc Rotor was applied. The packaging is exactly shown in the left photo, while the right photo was the comparison on the existing Kia Rotors and our perforated rotors. 

Hankook Frixa S1 Performance Brake Pads

Additionally, to improve the overall braking experience, our customer has decided to upgrade her brake pads to our best selling Hankook Frixa S1 Pads. (We are the ONLY SG official distributor!) 🙂

Frixa S1 Brake Pads in comparison to the worn off Kia Genuine Pads! Look at the quality difference! You are bound to experience better braking with all the features of Hankook S1 Pads

Overall Outlook of Product Installed

One hour is all you need for a proper brake job to be done! Nothing more than that! It is extremely important for the works to be done by a professional workshop, never compromise on that!

Overall Outlook

Overall Product Review

We took the vehicle for a test drive right after the installation. Immediately, you can feel the stability and excellent performance in terms of braking. The brakes are responsive, and heat dispersed well throughout the rims and the RS tuning disc.

Definitely worth considering if you are looking for a mini upgrade that do not cost as much as BBK!

Remember to look for Drivewise Autoparts, SG ONLY AUTHORISED Distributor for your Hankook Frixa Brakes and KGC Tuning Disc today!

About Drivewise Autoparts

Drivewise Autoparts is the leading online  platform bringing you automotive parts directly to your doorstep. We aim to enable everyone to take ownership of their vehicle through direct auto-parts purchase.

Be aware of what is being replaced in your vehicle, and not leave everything solely to your workshop to handle!

Besides offering an array of automotive parts, we have a strong database of professional partner workshops that can offer you professional installation works at reasonable rates. 

Purchasing direct autoparts is seamless and easy with Drivewise Autoparts. 

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