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South Korean vehicle owners secret to a better driving experience – FuturePlus+ Premium Engine Oil

Why is engine oil change essential?

Majority of vehicle owners are aware of the periodic servicing schedule for your vehicle. Amongst the long list of requirements that you need for your vehicle, periodic engine oil change is the utmost importance for all vehicles on the road.

But why do we exactly need to change our engine oil?

The answer is actually simple.

Engine oil change is required to keep your vehicle engine well lubricated and in good condition, away from the dirt and debris that have accumulated over time.

What engine oil is suited for my vehicle?

Choosing the right engine oil for your vehicle can be daunting!

We all know that whichever vehicle repair workshop that we patronize, they will bound to recommend you their best seller engine oil.

Well, of course, there are reputable brands such as Shell, Castrol, Liqui-Moly that have strong brand awareness that you can rely on.

However, selecting your engine oil should never be that simple.

It should go beyond just choosing BRANDS.

What should be considered when purchasing engine oil?

Well, as mentioned earlier, choosing your engine oil should go beyond selecting the brand.

Firstly, the viscocity of the engine oil plays a part in the type of engine oil you would go for. Generally, engine oils are produced and marketed in two main variance, 5W30 and 5W40 . For turbo charged vehicles and vehicles that run heavily on the roads, 5W40 engine oil is highly recommended by professionals in the industry. On the other hand, 5W30 engine oil is much more suited towards city driving vehicles with low mileage, as well as hybrid vehicles (such as Kia Niro, Honda Fit etc).

Having said that, there is no clear rule on the type of engine oil used in your vehicle, though it is strongly recommended to follow the vehicle manuals as an accurate gauge.


What type of engine oil should be replaced on a diesel vehicle?

Now, this comes the confusing part. Some vehicle repair shops and car owners are not aware of this important factor when changing engine oil on their diesel vehicle.

To ensure malfunction of your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), it is highly recommended in your instruction manual to use C3 engine oil for your periodic Diesel vehicle engine oil change. 

C3 Engine Oils are recommended to be used in high performance vehicles and light diesel vehicles based on global standards, so this is one extra step that diesel vehicle owners should consider.

South Korea's FuturePlus+ Engine Oil - The BEST engine oil in South Korea

At Drivewise Autoparts, we have looked everywhere, for the perfect engine oil formula that is well catered for our Japanese and Korean vehicle owners.

Since 2020, we are proud to be the exclusive Singapore distributor for FuturePlus lubricant.

You must be wondering what is exactly so GREAT about FuturePlus Engine Oil?

FuturePlus lubricants have been widely used in the South Korea market for Korean vehicle owners as it has proven effectively to reduce engine noise,damage and effectively increase the performance of the vehicle.

This is why Drivewise Autoparts highly recommend you to try our FuturePlus+ lubricants today.

FuturePlus lubricants is now available in both C3 range in 5W30 & 5W40.

For a limited time only, get 4L of FuturePlus and GET a FREE Engine Oil vehicle (For all Japanese and Korean vehicles) – Use Code “DRIVEWISEWITHFUTUREPLUS” to redeem this exclusive deal!


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